Chrystal Stewart
Founder, Chief Operations Officer

"Following the rhythms of God's heart for social reform, the broken, the marginalized, and the lost."


Chrystal Stewart is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and is one of the founders of Remnant R.E.A.C.H., LLC,  nonprofit organization which serves the community of South Phoenix. She has been sharing in life for over 15 years with Warren Stewart, Jr. who is her husband, pastor, and also the co-founder of Remnant REACH. They parent 3 extraordinary children who fill their hearts with joy each and everyday.

Although raised in a Christian home, for a long time she wrestled to understand her value and worth that Christ had placed on her by simply being made in His image. This lack of knowledge and understanding led her down a dark path of self-destruction and rebellion which caused her to drift even further from God, ultimately leading her towards alcohol and drug abuse. 

It was only by the grace of Jesus Christ that Chrystal was rescued from a lifestyle of self-destruction to a life now lived with a surrendered heart to Christ. It was then that she allowed Jesus to dig deep into her heart and soul to begin a journey of repair and restoration from the many unearned heartaches of her past. She accredits her Heavenly Father along with the many mentors, facilitators, friends, family, and some strangers that were sent to cross her path, to propel her into her now found passion to see others walking in the knowledge and understanding of the unconditional relentless love of God.  

Chrystal is recognized for her problem solving as well as motivated leadership skills. She developed a three component mentoring program that empowers then equips youth and young adults to becoming their BEST selves, leading them to becoming responsible adults. Chrystal lives for connecting with people and hearing their stories in hopes of finding the common thread that she believes connects us all. Some may not know that she enjoys songwriting and singing which she finds to be healing for herself and others. 

Chrystal has made it her mission to follow the rhythms of God's heart for social reform, the broken, the marginalized, and the lost. Everyday she is challenged with encouraging others to allow their hearts to be broken for those who endure unearned suffering in our communities, the state, this country, and around the world.

Michelle (Slocum) Campuzano MNpS, M.Ed

Chief Executive Officer at Remnant REACH

"Promoting positive community growth and development in South Phoenix."

Michelle Campuzano moved to Phoenix from San Francisco as a child.   She studied Social Welfare, Nonprofit Leadership, and Education at Arizona State University (ASU), and proceeded to work as a Special Educator in the Roosevelt School District, located in South Phoenix.   At age 17, Michelle gave birth to her son David who was born with significant special needs.  Michelle son David, is the love of her life and the person she credits for her drive, courage, love, joy, and the inspiration behind her passion for sacrificially serving others like Jesus.  In their free time Michelle and David, enjoy to participating in local outreach projects, International Mission Trips, orphanage visits, and Pastoring a local Youth Group.  Grateful for an amazing group of supporters, prayer warriors, and God’s amazing grace, Michelle has turned defied all odds and found purpose in her own personal pains turned her challenging circumstances, into a story of triumph that she is now writing about in her Autobiography.

Michelle is a self-motivated, culturally competent, and driven Social Entrepreneur. Passionate about the lives of others, Michelle has devoted her life to empowering vulnerable populations, developing and implementing programs strategically designed to promote empowerment, success, and healing.  Her personal Mission is quite simple: to serve and sacrifice like Jesus.  Michelle's commitment to excellence and “Changing the world one person at a time” is evident in her intentional and purpose filled life.    

As a Transformational Leader, Michelle has spent the last 10 years demonstrating her ability to foster strategic and cross-cultural Alliances with Community Members, Stakeholders, and other Professionals, promoting positive community growth and development in South Phoenix.

Michelle’s Leadership experiences include:

• Advocacy   • Motivational Speaking   • Life Coach   • Youth Pastor   • Social Justice Activist   • Empowerment Specialist   • Blogger   • Event Coordinator  •Fundraising   •Volunteer Management   • Special Educator   • Program Development   • Training Facilitator


Michelle’s Specialties include:

•    Motivating, empowering, and inspiring a variety of populations

•    Developing community partnerships and strengthen networks

•    Program development, planning, implementation, and collaboration

•    Group process and interpersonal skills 

•    Integrating program development, community participation, and services delivery in diverse settings. 

In 2014 Michelle was honored by The Council for Exceptional Children as one of two “Outstanding Special Educator’ in Arizona. 

Alec Warren

Director of Valley Justice

Alec Warren is currently serving Remnant R.E.A.C.H. as the Director of the Valley Justice program, the criminal justice reform arm of Remnant R.E.A.C.H. He became aware of the issue of mass incarceration as a freshman in high school when he read The New Jim Crow, a book describing the racial caste by Michelle Alexander. Motivated by seeing injustice in his neighborhood of Athmar Park in Denver, CO, Alec is working on reforming the criminal justice system at all levels of government.

Alec is currently studying to get his Bachelors of Science in Economics at Arizona State University and is a member of the Next Generations Service Corps, a program devoted achieving change through cross sector collaboration. He intends on going to law school and becoming a public defender after graduating.

Community Partners

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Board of Advisors

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