Each REACH FEST department will have an assigned Team Lead, Family Liaison, Registration volunteers, Child Life Activity Station, Setup and Cleanup Crew, and general volunteers. 

We need Professional Volunteers to Partner with us in the following areas:

Health Care Services  

  • Minimum of 4 Physicians, and/or Nurse Practitioners per shift

Dental Services   

  • Minimum of 8 Dentist and 8 Dental Hygienist, per shift


  • Minimum of 2 Optometrist per shift

Legal Services – 15 Volunteers

  • Minimum of 4 Lawyers or Paralegals, per shift

Nutritional Services- 60 Volunteers

  • 4 Nutritional Service Team Leads (breakfast, lunch, snack, food boxes) to ensure that all food is  equally distributed to participants. 

Services agencies/organizations – 24 Volunteers

  • Minimum of 10 Service Agency Vendor tables, offering services and resources relevant to the communities needs

Massage – 17 Volunteers

  • Minimum of 6 Massage Therapist, with portable equipment, per shift. 

Beauty – 15 Volunteers

  • Minimum of 4 Hairstyles with supplies, per shift

Community Store – 21 Volunteers

  • Minimum of 10 Volunteers, per shift, to mange voucher purchases and donation distributions. 

Special Needs Resources  

  • Minimum of 3 Community agencies offering support and resources to families with Special Needs. 

Financial Literacy      

  • Minimum of 6 Volunteers, per shift, 2 Workshop Facilitators and 4 support staff.

Father Leadership Program  

  • Minimum of 6 Volunteers, per shift, 2 Workshop Facilitators and 4 support staff.


  • Minimum of 10 Performances - Worship, Dancing, Clowns, Skits, Motivational Speakers, Magicians, and/or Singers.

General Operations  

  • Minimum of 25 Volunteers, per shift.  These volunteers will be friendly faces, walking the event and answering any questions families might have, connecting them to available resources.

Child Life - 36 Volunteers

  • 15 service areas.  They will be responsible for the planning of activities, and oversight of volunteers and the different game, craft, and/or activity tables at each Service Provider area. 
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