Reforming, Empowering, and Affirming, Communities Holistically, has been developed to support, enrich, and empower the communities of South Phoenix.  We will set out to accomplish this by providing leverage for overcoming the effects of abuse, addiction, abandonment, racism, inequality, poverty, criminal activity, mental health challenges and the overall feeling of hopelessness that impede the healthy growth of the citizens and the communities of South Phoenix. Although there are other non-profits within the South Phoenix area that focuses on some of the issues that plague South Phoenix separately, RR’s goal is to establish partnerships with other like-minded organizations, so that we may address the issues keeping these families bound in oppression. Remnant REACH will serve the communities with four main program areas; Reformation, Evolution, Innovation and Nourishment.



Remnant REACH is devoted to reforming, empowering, and affirming communities holistically by meeting the needs of our community through building relationships, supplying assets, and equipping individuals and families to becoming more self-sufficient.



Remnant REACH strives to contribute as an auxiliary agency by bridging community liaisons and organizations into close affiliation in order to join forces to leverage assets that will foster healthy communities.





Both Michelle Campuzano CEO and Chrystal Stewart Founder and COO of Remnant REACH, have both personally overcome the disparities and oppression attached to the demographics.  Inspired by their own personal journeys with God towards success, combined with their desires to be God’s hand and feet, in their own communities, in June of 2017, the mission and vision of REACH Fest was birthed. 

REACH Fest’s Mission:

To unite and assemble community assets in South Phoenix, providing the opportunity to collectively meet the needs of the community, improve community health, restore hope, and promote sustainable development in South Phoenix.

REACH Fest’s Vision: 

To develop community Leaders and Partnerships, willing to collectively service and sacrifice like Jesus.

Our REACH Fest has been strategically designed to nourish the needs of our community members, sending a message of hope, value, and God’s love for the people of South Phoenix.